Love to Travel Products was founded in 2008 by two best friends, Karla and Cindy,  who were also mothers with extensive traveling experience.   Looking for a business idea that would enable them to work from home, they settled upon the idea of creating solution-oriented travel products that would solve some age-old traveling issues.   They chose to start with protecting travelers from dirty tray table germs and making it easier for people to sleep in an upright position on an airplane or in a car.  They worked hard to launch their first two products,  the TRAYblecloth Airplane Tray Cover and the SkyWinks SleepSeat.  After a couple of years of struggle and trying to make the business work financially,  Cindy made the decision to move on to other endeavors.  Karla stuck with Love to Travel Products, and continued to develop other products.  The Kids TravelDoodle and the SackPack are two products she is especially proud of, the first because it is an activity tote that is interactive and encourages creativity,  it reuses activity sheets instead of making new copies,  and is also quiet and doesn't need batteries.  It's a great product to take when your child has to wait quietly somewhere, especially useful for car travel or waiting in a restaurant or doctor's office.   The second, the SackPack,  is an earth-friendly organizational product that facilitates the re-use of all types of bags for shopping and reduces bag clutter in the home.   It also covers the handlebar and cuts down on hand germs from other shoppers.   A TRIPLE WIN!  A cleaner home, a cleaner planet, and a cleaner handlebar!!   Yay!  
There are other ideas in the pipeline that may or may not make it to market,  but Karla is hoping to someday get them there.  
Happy Travels,  Buen Viaje,  Bon Voyage!