Kids TRAYblecloth Airplane Tray Activity Cover - for your next flight!


Kids TRAYblecloth Airplane Tray Activity Cover

The airplane tray cover that lets your child create their own personal space in flight, while also protecting from possible allergens or flu and cold germs on the airplane tray.

-Easily slips over the tray, covering it completely.

-Plenty of handy pockets to organize snacks, toys and books.

-Transforms the tray table into a game and activity board to keep your child entertained while flying!   

- FLIP:   Certain styles offer a flip-over viewing pocket for your iPad or electronic device, so you can watch a movie, read a book, or play a game hands-free while in flight, with the tray table in the upright position.  Styles with flip-over pocket will have (FLIP) indicated!  

Made in USA
Patent Pending
**Check out these colorful game and activity sheets -  feel free to download and print out the ones your child will enjoy!