Doggie Doo Right - Dog Leash Pouch Holds Any Plastic Bags


Doggie Doo Right -   The Dog Leash Pouch that makes it convenient to use what you already have - all those plastic bags that are living in your house!  Instead of throwing away your extra produce bags or newspaper bags, you have a place to keep them and a way to reuse them!   Why spend money on new plastic bags when you can use the ones you easily accumulate at no extra cost?   

Give those plastic bags their last go-around by keeping them in this dog pouch that attaches to your dog's leash, and using them to responsibly pick up your dog's waste.    

- You can refill anytime -  the pouch carries 10-12 small plastic bags at one time.  (produce bags from the grocery store or newspaper delivery bags.)  

-  If you have a large dog with extremely large poops, it also carries 4-5 larger plastic shopping bags.