The SackPack - A Carrier and Organizer for all your Cloth, Paper and Plastic Reusable Bags



Carry and store all your reusable bags in one place! 

The SackPack makes it easy to bring your own set of grocery bags from home, keeping your cloth, paper and plastic bags in one lightweight, easy-to-grab shoulder bag. Because you are reusing your bags instead of accumulating more, you will cut down on bag clutter in your home and in the environment.   AND,  it provides complete coverage of the shopping cart handlebar!  No more taking home unwelcome flu and cold germs on your hands! 

A cleaner home, a cleaner shopping experience,  and a cleaner planet!   A Triple WIN!


- Large front pocket holds 6-8 doubled paper bags and cloth bags.  
- Plastic bag dispenser keeps numerous plastic produce bags, larger plastic shopping bags, squishy mesh and nylon bags, and dispenses them at both ends.  
- Roomy zippered pocket carries personal items such as wallet, keys, and cell phone while shopping, so you have the option of leaving your purse in the car. 


-  Multiple bags in one lightweight pack that can be carried on your shoulder,  and attached securely to your shopping cart handlebar for easy access to your bags.  You will always have plenty of bags on hand for those unexpected purchases.

-  Complete handlebar coverage and a clean, padded handlebar for you and your loved ones.  

-  Reduces bag clutter at home and in the environment

-  Provides a meaningful place to store your set of bags between shopping trips.

- A simple way to do something positive for the health of our planet.

                         Reduce by Reusing!

**Made in USA
Patent Pending